How does wire heating work?

The best heated clothing lines, historically, have always used heated wires to create and distribute heat throughout the product. KLAN-e uses a silicone heating cable in all its heated product lines. There are several solutions specifically selected for each product to ensure uniform heat distribution, where you need it most, without risk of hot spots, short circuits, etc. (if used normally and as indicated).

Should KLAN-e products be powered only by the electric circuit of the bike, snowmobile, etc. to work?

No, the KLAN-e heated product line, are “hybrid” systems and can be powered by direct connection to a 12 volt power system or rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. Thanks to the extremely flexible applications of KLAN-e products, it is possible to use them for motorcycles, skiing, flying, etc.

How long can the products heat before the portable batteries have to be recharged?

Depending on the battery pack, the product, and the room temperature, batteries typically can hold their charge for 2-6 hours. When it runs out, the typical charging time for most batteries is about 3 hours. The batteries do not have “memory” effect so you do not have to completely drain the battery before recharging it. There is no limit to the heating time when the products are connected to a live 12 volt (or similar) power supply on the bike.

Product Level 1 (White) Level 2 (Blue) Level 3 (Purple) Level 4 (Red)
Jacket a 7.4V 4:30 hours 3:30 hours 2:45 hours 2:15 hours
Jacket a 12V 3:15 hours 2:30 hours 2:00 hours 1:30 hours
Trousers a 7.4V 5:00 hours 4:00 hours 3:15 hours 2:30 hours
Trousers a 12V 3:30 hours 2:45 hours 2:15 hours 1:45 hours
Gloves a 7.4V 6:00 hours 4:30 hours 3:30 hours 2:45 hours
Gloves a 12V 5:00 hours 3:30 hours 2:30 hours 2:00 hours
Socks a 7.4V 6:30 hours 4:45 hours 3:45 hours 3:00 hours
Socks a 12V 5:30 hours 4:00 hours 3:00 hours 2:15 hours

What are the advantages of KLAN-e Heat Production Technology?

  • It is intrinsically safe.
  • Heats up a wide area without the risk of hot spots.
  • It’s thin and light.
  • Is a complete system completely customizable.

Can I wash my heated clothes?

Yes. Once you have disconnected the regulators or the batteries, you can wash the heads by hand with lukewarm water and soap. The heating cables are not spoiled by washing in water and soap. Please be sure to follow the specific wash instructions for each garment, as indicated in the instructions for use provided with each garment.

Are KLAN-e products safe?

Absolutely! It is safe because it conducts heat uniformly throughout the conductor’s length, its silicone cover prevents short circuits or overheating.

What are the differences between Infinity 2.0 glove and Excess Pro 2.0 glove?

Substantial differences are given only by the different glove aesthetics, the Infinity Glove is an Urban Glove, without protectors and completely synthetic fabrics, the Excess Pro is a more touristy glove with palm and fingers in leather with hard caps on knuckles and fingers and rigid protection on the palm. The heating characteristics are identical for both

Is there a difference in garment operation when connected to a 12-volt motorcycle or battery?

No, there is no difference, the heating power is exactly the same

Is there any difference in the performance of Dual Power gloves when connected to a 7.4-volt motorcycle or battery?

Yes, the difference is due to the difference in the power supply voltage of the resistors. It goes from a power of 7.4watt to a power of 16.5watts per glove. However, this difference can be controlled with the 4-level heat setting button provided.

Is it possible to adjust the heating power?

Yes, clothing is equipped with a 4-position electronic switch so you can adjust the heating according to your needs

Do the gloves supply cables remain “fluttering” outside the clothing?

No, the gloves feeding gloves must be passed inside the sleeves of their jacket, so that they remain completely hidden inside. By purchasing the heated jacket, the gloves for the gloves are already fitted inside two pockets on the sleeves

Having all the cables running along the body (gloves, socks, etc …) is that uncomfortable and prevents movements?

No, the double wires that feed the hands and feet, once passed inside the jacket and pants, after the first moves settle down and find their “position”, from that moment on, you will have complete freedom of movement, and you will hardly remember to have the cables on it. By purchasing the heated jacket, the gloves for the gloves are already set up inside two pockets on the sleeves, the same is set on trousers for socks

How do I run the batteries?

Lithium polymer batteries have no memory effect, so you can recharge them at any time. They should always be kept dry, if they are wet, disconnect them immediately and dry them

Is the fuse of the battery connection cable sufficient to power everything?

The fuse on the battery cable has a capacity of 10A. If you need to connect a complete set of KLAN-e accessories (Gloves, Socks, Trousers and Jackets), it is recommended to replace it with a 15A fuse or to connect two distinct battery cables.

How to connect your Klan-e product to the bike’s battery?

Gloves Battery cable DP cable
Socks Battery cable DP cable
Socks and gloves Battery cable Y cable DP cable (2x)
Jacket Battery cable Spiral cable
Trousers Battery cable Spiral cable
Jacket and trousers Battery cable Y cable Spiral cable (2x)

Please note, the “battery cable” is replaceable with a “BMW power cable” if the driver has a motorcycle of the brand BMW. It is also possible to replace the “battery cable” with the “universal power cable”.

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